Environmental Sensitivity Maps

Environmental Sensitivity Maps

El Plan Nacional de Contingencias ante Derrames de Hidrocarburos y Sustancias Nocivas y Potencialmente Peligrosas en Espacios Acuáticos de Honduras, es una herramienta normativa y operativa cuyo objetivo es organizar la respuesta en caso de acaecer un episodio de contaminación de este tipo.

One of the main components in the planning and decision-making stages related to the response to spills, both in the National Plan and in the Local Plans of companies with risk of spills, is the knowledge that resources are it has, so that protection and response strategies are technically and scientifically grounded. The sensitivity maps collect and present in a graphic way the set of natural resources, living and non-living, the habitats and ecosystems, as well as the uses, goods and services associated with them, in addition to the operational and logistic resources that exist for the response. In a certain area. The above in order to define the most appropriate response technique, as well as the prioritization of the resources to be conserved.

For the construction of sensitivity maps, the methodology known as the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ISA), widely applied on a global scale for this type of study, is used.

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