Marine Environment Protection

Marine Environment Protection

The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine (GDMM), fulfilling its role of Maritime Authority has powers to regulate and control marine traffic, ensuring the safety of human life at sea, safety of navigation and prevention and control marine pollution, the latter through the Marine Environment Protection Department.

There exists a variety of sources of marine pollution, from that produced by the normal operation of ships, to the deliberate dumping of pollutants into the sea; within this contamination is a range of substances such as oil, noxious or hazardous substances, waste water or sewage, organic and inorganic wastes in atmospheric emissions. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), as a specialized agency of the United Nations has made efforts to produce legal instruments regulating different sources of marine pollution, giving life to the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), whose provisions are met and they are implemented through the Marine Environment Protection Department of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine (GDMM).

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  • Endorsement
  • Exemption
  • Authorization of activities
To meet the demand for endorsement of Technical Certificate you must submit the following documents:
  1. Final technical certificate
  2. Two copies of the Final Certificate
  3. Two copies of the Provisional technical certificate
  4. A copy of the Inspection Report
  5. Copy of the annual validities of the Certificates

NOTE: Prevention of Marine Pollution Section may request to the costumer additional documentation in cases it deems appropriate.



To meet a request for exemption must submit the following documents:

Exemption application form SMEX 02.01 with all boxes properly complemented.


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Authorization of activities

Authorization of activities

** All application procedures for authorization must be accompanied by appropriate documentation, the Marine Environment Protection Section reserves the right to request any additional information it deems necessary to complete the process.
  • Dock Construction Permit;
  • Authorization for Removal of shipwrecks;
  • Scrapping Authorization;
  • Authorization of subsidence;
  • Authorization for Scientific Research;



According to Article 5 number 7 of the Organic Law of The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine of Honduras, one of its attributions is the regulation of maritime activities such as: “the use, protection and preservation of the coast”.


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