Exercise for the deployment of equipment and personnel in the event of Spill contingencies!

In follow-up to the development of the first IMO Model Course on preparation and response to spills of harmful and potentially dangerous substances (HNS) at sea, and in compliance with the provisions of the National Contingency Plan for spills led by this General Directorate, through of the Department of Protection of the Marine Environment, on Tuesday July 13, the practical exercise – simulation type – of deployment of equipment and personnel, to attend these emergencies, was carried out in Puerto Cortés.

This activity was developed thanks to the support of the Heroic and Meritorious Fire Department of Honduras and the OSRO company authorized in Honduras, Ocean Pollution Control (OPCH), with the participation of central and local government actors, as well as the private sector.


The creation and strengthening of coordinated response capacities ensure effective preparation to face pollution episodes that also put people’s safety at risk.

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