National Nautical Activities

  1. Undergo to the inspection by the Port Authority.
  2. It must be presented to the Port Authority a list of vessels participating in the tournament.
  3. It should be supervised by an official of the harbormaster of Puerto Cortes, who set up a list of participating vessels to be registered in future events.
  4. When participating vessels not contained in the application for authorization of nautical sports event, you must submit a new general list of participating boats and register them in the GDMM.
  5. The event will take place only during daylight hours from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  6. Upon completion of the sporting event within 10 days the applicants must present report the event.
  7. The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine reserves the right to cancel the sporting event when weather conditions are not appropriate for their realization.
  8. Do not allow the participation of people drunk.
  9. All participants in the sports event must have individual saving appliances.
  10. The organizers must state the competition area with buoys to prevent accidents.
  11. The organizers must have a rescue boat to be used in case of an accident of any of the competitors.
  12. Event- cost Authorization Lps. 200.00 (two hundred lempiras )
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