Maritime Analysis and Control

The Maritime Analysis and Control department (ACMA) is in charge of streamlining the control of maritime activities, the due process of analyzing the information produced by the DGMM and strict compliance with the rules that govern maritime regulation in all aspects especially for matters of national security and defense.

1. The management and control of satellite tracking and identification systems.
2. Final approval for the authorization of national and international set sail requests.
3. The issuance of official alerts for search and rescue activities as well as the maritime
affairs of Defense and Security.
4. The direction and coordination of maritime search and rescue operations.
5. The management and control of computer, documentary and communications systems
for the authorization of Departures and Arrival Notices.
6. Issuance of authorizations and certificates related to vessel movements, international
departures, among others.
7. The management and control of computer and / or documentary access to the affairs of
the facilitation of international maritime traffic.
8. The management, control and issuance of alerts and official notifications to national and
international authorities on matters related to the control of dangerous substances
transported by sea.
9. The issuance of boarding authorizations to vessels under the National flag, following the
internal protocols and requirements established in Maritime Legislation.
10. Carry out technical research on specific matters of control, maritime regulation.
11. Other duties are assigned and instructed by the Director General of the DGMM.



  • Maritime Information Center
  • Maritime Analysis and Research Unit
  • International Maritime Traffic Facilitation Unit
  • Harbor Master Unit
Maritime Information Center

1. The control and monitoring of the national and international vessel tracking system.
2. The authorization of the departures and notices of arrival to port.
3. The issuance of Alerts and declaration of Emergencies.
4. The transfer and notification of the boarding authorizations issued to the applicant.
5. Establish direct communication using any available means with national and foreign flagged vessels navigating within Honduran territorial waters in order to give instruction, request information or identify them.
6. Direct and coordinate search and rescue activities together with the Honduran Naval Force.
7. Notify the Harbour Master’s Office about any Alert or Emergency issued, as well as instruct on activities or measures that they must take in ports.
8. Initiate the administrative process when there is failure or non-compliance by the vessel’s monitoring and tracking systems.
9. All other duties as assigned by hierarchical superiors.

Maritime Analysis and Research Unit

1. The Maritime Information Analysis and Research unit has the purpose of carrying out analytical processes based on information from any source and origin.
2. The analysis of the procedures used will strengthen the credibility of the system and provide mechanisms and alternatives that help streamline services provided by the DGMM and the maritime regulation and controls granted under law..
3. Carry out technical reports on all vessels, sailors, and companies engaged in maritime activities that have contravened the Organic Law of the Merchant Marine of Honduras.
4. Respond to Justice Operators.

International Maritime Traffic Facilitation Unit

This Unit will have the specific function of directing and coordinating all the activities of the International Agreement of 1965 as well as its amendments signed by the member countries of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) known as the FAL Agreement.

Harbor Master Unit

The Directorate General of the Merchant Marine has 13 Port Captaincies in the National territory in the Major and Minor Ports, under the responsibility of the Department of Port Captaincies based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with a 24-hour Maritime  Information Center and 365 days of the year.

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